Hello! I am Jason Airey, Owner and Operator of The IT Pathfinder.

I founded The IT Pathfinder in 2020 to help the many people who are struggling with technology during the pandemic and just daily life. I felt that many people were left to fend for themselves with no one to turn to. As the title of my company states, I want to help customers find their path through the confusing world of Technology. You might be a parent who suddenly has to stay home to help your kid through online classes. You might be someone who has never needed to use a computer and suddenly has a desperate need to communicate using Zoom or some other video platform. You might be confused about some new error, popup, or new device. I can help all of you.

My goal is to explain technology in simple to understand terms and even metaphors. Even if i’m not familiar with the new tech or software, we can discover it together. I hope after talking with me you will have a greater understanding and more informed of how to use technology to your advantage.

My goal of interpreting technology extends to how I designed my website. I designed it to be simple, straight forward and easy to find what you’re looking for. Feel free to send me a question, comment or anything through the “CONTACT US!” link below. Keep an eye out for training videos that I will post in the near future.